Hair transformation in 3 visits
Candice , Brownsville
3 year(s) ago
I've been with the glamourama for over 10 years, and I wouldn't have it any other way. In just 3 visits your hair will change in texture, and look more lustrous, and radiant. For a while people asked me who did my sew was all natural, no perm. The compliments just poured in. All I had to do was follow the given instructions. Works every time!!

Healthy White Hair
Sophira Bradford, Brownsville, TN
3 year(s) ago
I have been a client of Glamourama even before Kristy became a beautician. They are the only hair salon that know how to treat my “white” hair. They akways instruct their clients how to take care of their hair and scalp between appointnents. People always asked if this is my real hair. I reply, yes, thanks to Kristy and Sally.

The place to be!
Taylor , Covington,TN
3 year(s) ago

I absolutely love the customer satisfaction and how they explain what’s going on with your hair.. These two women are great in providing quality care for any type of hair. Just get to the Glamourama; there’s no place like it!

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