Ministry in keeping your hair Healthy.
Tammy H, Covington, Tn
749 day(s) ago
I have been coming to the Glamourama for twenty plus years. I have been asked several times why you drive way to brownsville to get your hair done. I tell them I would not have it any other way because the way Kristy and Ms. Sally take care of there customers hair is a gift from God. They tell you how to keep your hair healthy(Natural or permed). I am living witness to those anointed hands. I thank God for caring and praying beautician. I have no complaints. Glamourama customer for life.

Color and Perm same day
Eurneika, Brownsville tn
3 year(s) ago
I am convinced that you can have a head of healthy hair and look great while doing so ! I receive my perm and color (blonde) on the same day and not a ounce of breakage and have for years ! Here is where i can relax and receive a word and feel an abundance of love . Family owned business where there and no little I-s and no big you-s !

Healthy hair Salon, 100% Satisfaction
Posonya Currie, Mason, TN
3 year(s) ago
I’ve been with the Glamourama all my life and my daughter has since she’s been 4 years old. When I say blessed hands, that’s what I mean. We both have beautiful healthy relaxed hair. They sincerely have a passion for what they do. It’s a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It’s a teaching environment. If you looking for that healthy hair, go on and call. Make an appointment and get started on that healthy hair journey that you’ve been looking for.

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